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Permited by Ministry of Commerce for operating on Import and Export of Goods,Technology and Service.Company specialized in Agricultures and vitamins. We supply clients qualified products with best price throught our directly and stable manufacuterers.As a professional export company, our team have the skills and experience supply best service and soonest shipment for all clients.Especially in Japan,Mexico,USA,Poland,Germany,Ukraine,Spain,Greece, 

Venezuela and Bangal market we resoucing the products demanded in shortest time and best price. 

Following is the products list which we mainly engaged in: 

AgriculturesI  spicesChilliGarlicGingerStar Anise,Cinnamon etc.II Coffee: Arabica Coffee Green Beans,Roasted Coffee,Instant Coffee,Typica,Robusta etc.III Beans: Kidney Beans,Broad Beans,Yellow Beans,Green Lentils,Peas,Black Beans etc.IV Nuts:Peanuts,Walnuts,Pumpkin,Sunflower etc.V Dried fruits:Salted dried plums,dried apple,dried sweet potato etc and Vitamins 

China Commodity Export Co.,Ltd,all stuffs are welcome your visiting.

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